Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

Although it is a bit painful (very painful for many, it depends on how sensitive you have the area) waxing is one of the preferred methods of hair removal and one of the most effective. It is also the technique of hair removal, within available that is more durable in terms of time.

There are two types of waxing techniques – hot, cold or warm:

Hot Wax
Hot waxing is the method of waxing is practiced regularly in the salons and centers, although many people also do at home, warm or hot waxing is more effective than cold, while the hair is cool the one chosen by most people who wax at home.

However, waxing is having to bear minimal discomfort “…. However, following some easy instructions and some simple tips you can use this method to perfection.

And once you’ve experienced the benefits of this technique of hair removal, you may not think to try any other method.

Cold or warm wax

The warm wax, waxing allows the roots, leaving the skin red and is recommended for women with circulatory problems.

Requires a minimum heating, can even be done in the microwave as it is soluble in water, is easy to remove the remains.

You can also use for your hair removal wax strips ready for use, no need to warm them. Just rub the hands, apply to the skin firmly and remove with one swift motion.

They are easy to use, any place and occasion. As have the same skin temperature are indicated even for people with circulatory problems. This is a very effective method, in addition to durability. And you can wax yourself at home and in professional beauty salons.

In general, either cold waxing, warm or hot, this method is quite painful because the hair root starts, but soon grow two to three weeks.