Allergic rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis

Allergyallergic rhinitis
Can be recognized by some peculiarities: the small complains of itching in the nose, eyes and even on the inside of the ears and palate. In addition, non-stop sneezing and runny nose has a semi-permanent (rhinorrhea).

80 percent of asthma in children is due to an allergy. In addition to respiratory distress, the boy coughs and wheezes and whistles, or a sound that parents compare with producing a liquid boiling. It can last hours or days, or be daily, mixed.

Conjunctiva red, itchy and watery eyes are clear symptoms of conjunctivitis. Of allergic origin always affects both eyes (not necessarily the other) and does not Leganes.


How to treat allergy

How to treat allergyIncreasing incidence
In the 80’s Dr. Neffen claimed that one in six people in the world suffering from some kind of allergic disease. In 1996, the president of the European Academy of Immunology, one of the discoverers of IgE (immunoglobulin E, present and increased in all allergic process), Dr. S. Johansson, said that one in three people in Europe suffering from an allergic disease. This information brought to our country show revenues of approximately 10,000,000 allergies in all its varieties.

This worldwide growth is most pronounced in countries with Western lifestyle. It would show that the increase in allergic diseases are more related to the quality of air breathed indoors with air pollution. In fact, in practice there is a greater incidence of allergic reactions triggered by household allergens, mites, fungi, etc., that other substances.

How to treat
In childhood and adolescence, antihistamines based treatments seem to be the answer you are looking for, especially when used in a preventive manner for a long period. In adolescence, when most recurrences occur, but this is due to low effect of the drugs but the higher number of desertions. That is why we must strengthen a lot of work with young people, to avoid complications of allergy, especially involving the respiratory system.

Until recently, the use of antihistamines was a problem: they produced sleep interfered with the study or sport. Currently, work is well with the new generation antihistamines, such as the fexofena-dina with one or two meals a day is enough to stop the major symptoms. As it has no side effects, dropouts are less frequent and protective effects can be achieved with long-term use.


Oral contraceptives

Oral_ContraceptivesDoes it interfere with my child to take the pill?

It is well known that certain oral contraceptives harm a nursing baby. And they can be used from the first few months because they decrease the amount of milk. However, some obstetricians after, while the child is fed only with breast, are preferable other contraceptive methods, such as the IUD or condoms with spermicides.

If for any reason the mother will need to take the pill, you should use is called mini-pill only has progestin. Once the child’s diet is diversified and less milk taken, the pill does not usually cause problems.


The story of parents

Happy FamilyNot all abusive parents are the same or are mentally ill. But one thing that characterizes them: all in their infancy, have been mistreated, they have not been loved, have been criticized and under-exaggerated and ongoing or have been improperly required by their own parents. In other words, they themselves were victims in childhood, and as a result their ability to function adequately as a parent was very severe deterioration.

These parents have learned to be violent fathers or mothers. The models that were or were so, and although rationally criticize what they did as children, where they live situations the reaction they have is as violent as the father had been violent at the time.

On the other hand, have learned that the child is not a being to respect, protect and love. Have developed a devalued concept of children as a result of rejection and humiliation they suffered when they were children. They learned that the relationship between a father and son is the relationship between aggressor and victim.

These abused children and adolescents with major affective needs grow. Once you have a child sometimes pretend to be this child who meets their emotional needs exaggerated. This expectation is always frustrated, because no child may be able to erase the past and ease the overwhelming emotional dissatisfaction of these parents. The frustration generated by anger, pain from the past are revived and triggered the violent reaction to the child.

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Depression Disease

depressive illnessMost people feel depressed from time to time. is not to be mentally ill, however, if they continue with their daily routine and gradually recover. the difference between “feeling depressed” and having the mental illness known as depression is that people who are really sick can not get out of their misery.

Your depression persists, deepens, and eventually interferes with your ability to lead a normal life. If you or other family members have occasional periods of low spirits that disappear after a few days or weeks, you have no concern. Symptoms of a true depressive illness are described below.

There are two main types of depressive illness. One type is caused by an extreme reaction to an emotional blow as the death of someone he loved, the end of a marriage or relationship, or financial loss. neurotic sometimes overreact to these misfortunes, and the result can be a depressive illness. The other type of depression usually occurs without apparent cause. may be the result of hormonal changes after childbirth may be associated with schizophrenia.

There are periods of special susceptibility to depressive illness in most people’s lives. Late adolescence, middle age, and the years after retirement are such periods. Many people find the transition from adolescence to adulthood difficult disease, especially when intense family conflict or education or work pressure.

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Plastic Surgery for Acne

Plastic Surgery for AcneTypes of plastic surgery for acne

Peeling Skin
Peeling of the skin, as its name implies, means inflammation and tearing the skin infected. It is beneficial for the treatment of patients suffering from acne can vouch for. Peeling helps unblock pores of their skin and can be done by various creams. It can also be done by laser.

Laser Treatments
Laser treatments are among the fastest and most effective ways to eliminate problems of severe acne. They not only help cure the problem of acne, but also work further to rejuvenate the skin healing process. Laser treatments can also be classified into two types.

Light-treatment it was found that exposure to blue light acnes is beneficial for the skin. This type of treatment of light can be used for the treatment of acne only, or you can even use it as an interview before the laser treatment.

Photo Dynamic Therapy
This method involves applying a cream on the acne affected area first. When the cream is absorbed into the skin inflammation, is activated by using laser or light blue. This type of treatment is therapy strongest today in time and lead to peeling of the skin inflamed, reducing infection and reducing the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands.

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Mary Szela On The Indispensable Role of Clinical Data in Pharmaceutical Advancement

In any field of endeavor to succeed, the value of cooperation is a precious asset. The same can be said in the field of Medicine, specifically in the Science of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Discoveries and breakthroughs that help the human race live longer and improve the quality of life are not possible without the indispensable role of clinical data and experimental and investigative observations of medical professionals. These individuals are the first to experience and perceive the effects and the adverse reactions, as well as the targeted improvements and recoveries of the medications that they prescribe. Even in the clinical setting, the written testimonies and recorded data form bases for the propagation of a product or its termination. Mary Szela, a well-known executive of several pharmaceutical giants sees this facet as the key to any pharmaceutical company’s survival.

This is invariably exemplified by the fact that it is these medical professionals who get to discuss with the patients who undergo medication, as to whether or not the treatment is going well for them or not. They basically see the results, immediately. They are able to note down the same as protocol for keeping medical records of patients. Hence, the speed and the efficacy (and even the opposite) of any drug of choice are directly monitored by these people. They give importance to even the slightest change and discomfort that a patient may feel or encounter. These observations later form part of a database that pharmaceutical companies refer to when experimenting on a new therapeutic drug, and when investigating the adverse effects of the same. In fact, a lot of medical professionals who are connected to Medical School Programs in universities all over the world are consultants of large pharmaceutical corporations. Examples of such are the John Hopkins University College of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic, Stanford University School of Medical Research and the University of Pennsylvania Perelman Program.

With this valuable participation and observational data that these people provide, it is no wonder that pharmaceutical companies have been manufacturing greatly improved products. With the kind of partnership shared by these two groups, it will not be surprising to expect more and more miracle cures for almost all aches, diseases and discomfitures that the entire human populace can complain of. This kind of teamwork is one that serves the world best.

At Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Mary Szela acts as the chairwoman. She previously steered several other pharmaceutical giants in her stellar career as an executive and a medical professional herself.


Obesity order associated with lower wages

Besides being a serious cosmetic problem, obesity affects health seriously, because it puts the individual at risk for many physical illnesses and psychological disorders.

Excess weight affects personal relationships, causing relationship problems, discrimination, loneliness and isolation, but also reduces job opportunities, more difficult to perform certain tasks and to causes which are paid lower wages.
The evidence

A recent study found that Americans are obese, they receive lower wages than those who are not overweight, and that this difference is even more marked among women, this information is in addition to those already reported many cases of discrimination against overweight people.

“This research extends the growing body of evidence that also affect health, obesity significantly affects personal finances,” said in a news release from the University Christine Ferguson, professor of health policy.


In 2008, obese women in the United States, earned on average $ 5.826 less than women of normal weight, equivalent to a major 15%.

The average annual cost of obesity to that year were $ 4.879 for women and $ 2.646 for a man; figures include costs such as lost productivity and medical expenses like.

Have you committed to the care of your skin

Are you 100% sure that those caring for your skin properly? Many people often make very common mistakes when taking care of their skin without realizing it until they start to appear on the skin damage that causes these errors. If you want to learn to take care of your skin properly read on!

Common Errors in Skin Care

Washing too often. Many people wash your face more than they should. You just have to do a couple of times a day, morning and before bed. But many people, especially women, always wash face with time, when dirty or sticky feel excess fat.

Excessive washing of the face has two effects. You can remove essential oils from the skin, which are removed with each wash, and also causes the lubricating face even more, because the sebaceous glands produce even more oil to cover the face. In both cases we speak of events that do not want to happen.

Using soap to wash your face. Most men and some women fall into this error. It is better to use a gentle cleanser suited to your skin type to wash with soap and water. The soaps can damage the skin soft face. They can remove essential oils from the face, drying the skin and making us look older than they really are.

Do not moisturize daily. The skin needs their daily hydration as it loses it because of the elements, rubbing and washing. The lack of these essential oils can lead to dry skin, unhealthy and looking old (sight and touch)

Argan oil used daily to hydrate the skin and entire body. The argan oil contains vitamin E improves the image of the skin, helping it repair better. It also contains sterols that add more moisture and protect the skin against external agents. For its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants also prevent aging.

Use sunscreen only when we are on the beach or in the days of more sun. This is the worst mistake of all because it can cause severe skin damage. UV rays can penetrate the clouds and to act even in the coldest days of winter, so it is always necessary to use sunscreen at least SPF 15 or higher every time we left.

Do not forget to apply this protection at least 15 minutes before greeting the streets every day to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays and, most importantly, reduce the risk of cancer.

Know what you should not eat to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing

It is said that eyes are the mirror of the soul. You probably already know. But what what about the skin? Did you know that the skin can also be a mirror of your health? Good health leads to a beautiful skin, and if you have skin problems like acne, rough, signs of aging or the like may be signs of poor health caused by poor lifestyle, poor hygiene or a total neglect of skin.

Healthy and beautiful skin comes from within. And knowing what we eat is critical to the care of our skin. In fact everything we eat can be a nutrient for the body or damage, including the first line of defense of the body, the skin.

We all know that what we eat is very healthy and balanced diet. The three meals you gave, we should consume, must be composed of carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats, in a suitable amount. However, most eat more than we should, or eat things that are not as healthy for our health.

It is best to make carbohydrates from whole grains, protein and healthy fats from fish and fiber that provides the fruit. Argan oil is also an excellent complement to the green leafy vegetables and your grilled dishes such as grilled fish. Argan oil contains essential vitamins and antioxidants for the skin.

If your meals consist of burgers, fries, pizzas and other foods loaded with fat, you not only have skin problems but also suffer from other diseases like heart problems, diabetes and the like. Here are the foods you should avoid to maintain healthy skin and healthy.
Prohibited foods to your menu

Sausages, bacon and beef – Yes, they are delicious and a good source of protein. But we also bring lots of saturated fat. The combination of these foods is not only unhealthy for the skin (causing wrinkles and premature aging) but also causes heart problems.

Butter – Butter making bread and other dishes taste tasty and delicious! But excessive consumption of this product may damage your skin and your heart. The butter also contains trans fats.

Pasta, raisins and beans or beans – Mamma mia! Do you also paste?! If you love Italian food or even if you’re Italian you’ll probably be hard to set aside the pasta (dried beans and maybe if they are simpler). Currently these 3 products have a complex combination of carbohydrates that raise the blood glucose levels. And these high glucose levels are a trigger for problems such as skin damage and inflammation of the same.

Cakes, (full fat) ice cream and sugar – Anyone with a penchant for sweets go crazy if you have to leave these products. These foods are glycemic. If you do not know the term, means they are foods with high levels of easily digestible carbohydrates. The same people who are known to cause acne and pimples problems.

Bad Habits that are Damaging Your Skin

When you get to 20 you start feeling that you’re still growing. Of course you’re not a teenager and probably already are attending college, or working, or doing both. These ready to conquer the world and start building your own future.

That bright and shining future you’re seeing this also in your skin healthy and radiant. To keep the skin radiant and healthy, as well as your future, you need to know how to take care of properly.

So, what can you do to keep your skin healthy and beautiful cope with stress and other agents to which your skin is exposed every day? Here are some tips you should follow.

The key to beautiful skin is a dazzling and healthy lifestyle. It’s time to cut your bad habits and start living healthier way. These are the top 3 bad habits that women commit at 20. These bad habits can damage your skin so it is best to begin to eradicate them as soon as possible.

Stop drinking alcohol at the teacher. It is normal to come out of the 20 party, and party long and intense. Festivals and alcohol are always present in the student’s life. But if you care about your skin then reduces the festivities and excess alcohol. Alcohol causes aging of the skin and your image becomes gray and dry.

But the fact that excessive alcohol will not only serve to keep the beauty of your skin but also to keep better health. Many people who die of cirrhosis and other conditions involving excessive alcohol consumption. Many lives have been ruined by excessive alcohol consumption. It is best to leave early.

The best thing is to leave snuff. The snuff causes premature skin aging. And certainly do not want to appear in her thirties when only just passed the 20 did you know that snuff can reduce blood flow throughout the body? This means that oxygen cannot reach the skin, causing deterioration.

The snuff also destroys the body’s collagen in the skin and draws much of its nutrients like vitamin A and C. With the destruction of collagen accelerates the aging process and the wrinkles appear and the lines on his face. Your image becomes pale and sulky because of the effect of snuff and their damages begin to show in your appearance.

Forget the tanning bronceado.Seguramente is something you look happy on the right having a golden skin. A tan is also popular for what they say about it many famous women. But what is sure or know is that both UVA and tan in the sun can cause skin cancer. That Tanning also causes the appearance of sunspots and wrinkles.

If you want to keep your skin healthy uses argan oil to hydrate. Argan oil that contains several components that will also help fight age and stimulate regeneration and skin repair. Nor should you forget to use sunscreen daily whenever you leave the house and wash your face a few times a day.